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| Selected Publications Classified in Order of the Top 20 Global Research Priority Areas in Developed Countries

The World Health Organization (WHO) established an international multi-stakeholder Priority Working Group led by Dr. David Bates to identify a set of global priorities for patient safety research. The expectation is that the global priority lists will serve to advise research commissioning worldwide.

There are four research priority areas currently identified: 1. developing countries; 2. transitional countries; 3. developed countries; and 4. countries with different levels of development, however, we will concentrate on selected articles authored by our Center members regarding the following top 20 research priority areas established for developed countries. More about this important work can be found on the WHO website.

Please click on the links embedded in the numbered table below for selected publications associated with each research priority ranking.


(SD) score
Lack of communication and coordination
8.22 (0.88)
Latent organizational failures
7.78 (1.17)
Poor safety culture and blame oriented processes
7.75 (1.73)
Cost effectiveness of risk reducing strategies
7.42 (1.24)
Developing better safety indicators
7.03 (1.58)
Procedures that lack human factors consideration
6.97 (1.46)
Health information technology and information systems
6.89 (1.78)
Patients' role in shaping the research agenda
6.57 (1.09)
Devices that lack human factors consideration built into design and operation
6.28 (1.78)
Adverse drug events and medication errors
6.25 (2.13)
Care of frail and elderly
6.06 (1.89)
Patient adherence
5.94 (1.51)
5.82 (1.81)
Identification, development, and testing of locally effective solutions
5.81 (1.79)
Health care associated infections
5.72 (2.08)
Lack of adequate test follow-up
5.44 (1.54)
Inadequate competence, training, and skills
5.42 (1.72)
Lack of appropriate knowledge and transfer of knowledge
5.39 (1.50)
Lack of recognition of adverse events
5.39 (1.65)
Adverse medical device events
5.36 (1.53)





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