Would you like to help improve safety reporting?

MySafeCare is an App for Patients & Friends and Family Members to help improve safety reporting and response in the hospital in real time!


There are many safety initiatives in place at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and keeping patients safe is the hospital’s #1 priority.  MySafeCare helps us increase safety even further by increasing our understanding of threats to patient safety as patients experience them. MySafeCare is a web-based and mobile enabled application that allows patients and their care partners (friends and family members) a quick, real time way to report and communicate safety concerns while they are in the hospital. The ability to capture patient perceived safety threats in real time while in the hospital for use at an organizational level could have the potential to help mitigate risks before safety incidents occur, as well as promote a learning health system1,2. 

MySafeCare includes a Patient Facing App and a Clinical Dashboard for Clinicians, Administrators, and Staff.


  • The Patient Facing App provides 9 Concern Categories to choose from (e.g. Medication, Communication, and Pain), a Compliments category, and the option to report anonymously or identified. 

  • The Clinical Dashboard is secure and password protected for Clinicians, Administrators, and Staff to view the submissions (in real time), and document and communicate any follow up that is completed to address the concern.  The clinical dashboard can also be used to trend concern types to achieve a better understanding of patient perceived safety concerns.

There are three major aims for this research project. 


  • Rapid iterative development and a pilot trial of patient preferences for MySafeCare configurations

  • MySafeCare integration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital inpatient clinical and safety reporting systems

  • Evaluation of the impact of MySafeCare on patient safety and fostering a learning health system. 

MySafeCare is live on the Medical ICU and Acute Care Oncology units at BWH!

During spring 2015, we completed a successful pilot on the Intermediate Vascular Unit at BWH. MySafeCare will expand to the Acute Care Medicine units at BWH during Aim 3 of our study.
If you are a patient, family member, or friend of a patient on MICU or Oncology units at BWH and would like to participate, please contact Brittany Couture ( or Sarah Collins, RN, PhD (


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